This fast growing industry requires special attention and care. Regulations from health authorities are strict. A recycled water system and ECA unit are often mandatory. ECA (electrochemical active water) is used to disinfect pathogens in the recycled water system. The fertigation system for cannabis often has to be constantly monitored.  Our company selects the right size for your specific needs, while ensuring there are a range of affordable options available for you to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the services  and sales we offer in this space:

Drip irrigation, Fertigation systems, Recycling systems, Ozonator, Cloning systems, Misting and high pressure fogging  systems, Growing media and technologies, Pest management and Agronomic on going consulting.

One on one consultation during the entire growing process, onsite or over the phone. includes:

Irrigation and fertigation set up.

Light management.

Growing media.

Pest and diseases control.


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