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Greenhouses Irrigation

For greenhouse irrigation, ensuring uniformity of plants is critical.  In order to achieve this, a precise amount of water and fertilizer must be used for every irrigation cycle. This can be difficult in cases with long irrigation lines. The first and the last dripper in line cannot have the same amount of water and fertilizer unless the compensated drip irrigation drippers are used.  Normally, it is more water at the lowest dripper in the greenhouse because of the drainage of the line.  In order to prevent this phenomenon, the CNL (compensative non-leakage) drippers should be used along with the AS (anti syphon) drippers to prevent water with soil particles from being absorbed into the drippers situated on the highest ground in the greenhouse.

For your fertigation system, our specialists can recommend the best proportional system to make sure that every cycle will provide the exact same amount of water and fertigation. We may also suggest different concentrate tanks for your system which could include organic concentrate.