Aquadrip Inc.

Fertigation: injecting fertilizers, micro nutrients and any other concentrate into your irrigation system.  Your fertigation will be accurate and your fertilizer will be proportional to your water flow, which means that with every drop of water you will have same part per million of desired fertilizer constantly along the line - something most irrigation systems are not capable of. We calculate your exact needs to choose the suitable system, to install it, and to calibrate it to the desired EC and PH with high precision.

​Services and sales

  1. ​​Irrigation:
  • Lawn sprinklers, 
  • Golf courses,
  • Greenhouses,
  • Roof gardens,
  • Garden centers,
  • Orchards,
  • Vineyards,
  • Farms, 
  • Cannabis industries, 
  • Sprinklers, 
  • Compensated drip irrigation,
  • CNL drippers, 
  • Subsurface drip irrigation,
  • Micro volume irrigation,
  • Mist irrigation for propagation, 
  • Cooling systems and more.

Dosing systems: for medicines, oil,soap,livestock  and industry applications.